About us

UKTOP was established in 2007 in London as a company dedicated to the application of steel, aluminium and glass solutions for construction.

Over the years, UKTOP went for the design, manufacture and installation of special façades on site, reaching a significant share in the national market.

At this moment UKTOP has a technical and design department in London and a factory in Colchester.


At UKTOP, we believe there is no conflict between our requirement to keep our workforce and members of the public safe and our long term financial success.

Nothing that we do is so important that it cannot be done safely.

Our goals are:

  • Satisfied clients, who are convinced by the consistently high quality of our services and continuous innovations. We innovatively gear our services towards the high quality, performance, and cost demands of our clients.
  • Motivated employees, who we can provide with secure and appealing jobs. The skills, knowledge and commitment of our employees define the success of our company. Constant training and further education are a matter of course for us. Open communication and flow of information promote trust, personal responsibility, and initiative in our employees.
  • Results and company development, which meet the demands of our stakeholders.

We are consequent in pursuing our goals and take measures for correction if necessary. Our performance is very much process oriented. We ensure that all processes and phases of our services rendered are retraceable. We strive for continuous improvement on all process levels.

In everything we do, we make sure to save resources and take ecological interests into consideration. We combine entrepreneurial spirit and social awareness with commitment to corporate social responsibility.